About us

Piranjas is a Swiss company that specializes in the manufacture of high-quality leather products. All of our products are made in Europe.

We work with leather because it is a beautiful, durable and environmentally friendly natural material. Leather products last a lifetime if properly cared for. Alternative products made of plastic or other chemicals are often thrown away and replaced after just a few years. This is precisely the mentality we do not support. We offer products that can be repaired and restored.

Leather is also unique. Our products are natural, so closed scars or insect bites can be visible. This makes each piece unique. We work with a small family business in Italy that makes the products individually by hand. Instead of mass products, we offer unique items.

Piranjas products are characterized by the following properties:

  • Unbranded – brand logos have no place on the surfaces that are visible during use (you may find our logo on the inside or back so that it is not noticeable)
  • Minimalistic – we leave out elements such as seams, rivets and buttons that do not serve a function
  • Durable – Piranjas leather products are durable and can be repaired / restored

We hope that you too will enjoy your Piranjas product for a long time.